The process of how to download mp3 from youtube or Download YouTube Online video

Everyone wants to know how to download mp3 from youtube or download YouTube videos online; however it seems like very few people have a great solution to this problem. It is not that it is impossible to download these videos, it's just that the website makes it very hard to go about what should be a very simple process. In fact, if you do not know much about computers or the Internet then even if someone told you how to download YouTube videos online you may not be able to complete all the steps necessary to gain access to this flash video file.
Perhaps the best way to go about downloading this video is to use a third party software solution that allows you to not only download flash videos but also convert these ideas into a format that can be used in all the different systems. Flash video is great for what it is, but unless you plan to always watch videos over the Internet you want to convert video to mp3 or something that can be played on traditional computers and media players, and even in some cases it can be played on a DVD player.
There are many software packages out there, so you'll want to look for one that is full featured and offers support for many video sites are different and many different video conversion options. Programs such as Video Piggy offers many options for handling downloaded digital media in a way that makes it easy for the non-technically inclined people to get the video they do not.
If you are sure you want to try to download this video by hand by all means go ahead, just remember that there is an easy solution out there should you frustrated. Just whatever you do not give up before trying them.
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