Noise and Air Pollution

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Traffic jams, industrial waste, industrial plants; it is a fact that in our cities pollution is reigning supreme in all possible forms. Though this problem has specifically been on the world power's agenda since long, and despite constant exhortations to all the citizens to assist in this, all struggle seems to have produced negligible results.

We have not heard much about the noise pollution, but surely it is a sort of affliction of our own society. Just give a thought to our large number of cities; noise of horns and motors all on the road, loud music in the restaurants and clubs, noises from our factories, airports and construction sites...the noise from all these sources can cause severe damage to our ears and mental health. The noise pollution can actually cause three kinds of problems for us: temporary disturbances in our organs, damage to our organs and or annoyance.

For this reason there are some precise rules and regulations for the industrial plants and clubs, for imposing the limits which you cannot cross under any circumstances and also to forbid the construction of such clubs or factories near the residential areas. For reducing the noise pollution, the buildings can be suitably equipped with the acoustical panels which can be suitably assembled for erecting the Acoustical Enclosures, partition walls or barriers. Similarly building housing the noise producing machines can have some special soundproof designs.

Factories are main reason for the noise and air pollution. The smoke and the dust generated in several industrial plants in the production cycle can result in serious damage to the environment as well as to the health of the people.

In order to limit the damage, the factories should adopt much more efficient systems for smoke and dust suction. These suction machines are installed in the factories and they filter the harmful dust and smoke before releasing them in the atmosphere. These systems greatly improve the internal and external environment and help in reducing pollution levels to a great extent.

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